keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010

It's a beautiful day!

Okay, it's been very sunny day but quite cold, Finland isn't the warmest place on earth you know. Today my school day was long and boring, and i will post some pictures of me and my friend Kiia,(OLAVI). <3 So, some pictures of my day :3
/The picture on the left) Here's Kiia and me :D I'm the one on the left.
(The picture on the right) There's Heli-tuulia and Kiia ;D

Those pictures are taken on the house economic lesson, as you can see.

Well, that's all I guess, BYE! <3

tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

I just looked in to the mirror and...

I was like OMG. My hair is so messy and short, I've cut it too much and now I feel very sorry for it. I do have a couple of hairpeaces, but it's not the same. Why cant I have a long and curly hair?Yeah, maybe I should do something about it, and I should get some new clothes and make ups... And yes, there's so many things i should buy.
And those shoes! I totally fell in love with them<3 (on the right) *giggles* They're like cars! :D <3>

Bye then~!<3

Hello everybody!

Okay, I just wanted to make a new blog, becouse my old blog was quite boring and i wanted to write my blog in english :)
So, I'm gonna put here some text's about my shoppings and that kind of stuff . But I'm kind a lazy writer, so... What ever, I hope you enjoy reading or even watching my blog, Laughing peppers.