sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010

It has been a long time.

So, it has been long time since i wrote something.
But anyway i got some new shoppings and that kind of stuff :) I'll post some pictures later,
becouse i'm too lazy to put them here now. (And my computer is slow!)
And the summer is comming, gotta buy some new summery clothes <3 Yeah! Only something like 45 days untill the summer vacation starts. But I guess that's all, bye! <3

maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010

Good times.

Hello! :)On sunday, we had a little easter parties with my family. My mothers sister Leena and her family came to our place. We gave a tour of our house where Korhoset were never been. We had such a grate time and great food! :D
Lamb and cream potatoes. YAM! <3 And Leena made some fantastic cake. (The picture)
Later we enjoyed some taco pie. We played Guitar hero and Alias, the game were you have to explain the words to each other :D It was a grate day! 8D

At the cottage

So, as the headline said, we were on our cottage. There were me, my sister emmi( Who runs the blog, Kickin' blankets) and my dad and his girlfriend Minna. :)
Yeah, it was quite cold there in Kuhmoinen, but it was beautiful. And i got some pictures ;) But anyway we went to sauna with my sister and we ran in the snow with nude feet! :D It was so cold. We watched TV and Minna made us some salad. And we grilled some sausages, yum. Well, it was nice :) Bye! <3